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My name is Nicole and I am a single lady ready to tell it like it is! First, let’s put it out there that I am single, not because I choose to but because I have been lied to and cheated on. Heck, who wouldn’t want to be in a committed, monogamous and loving relationship? I know I do! But because of the foolishness of some men, here I stand, single and ready to talk about it!

For starters let’s talk about why we are still single….Chanel?

Well, I’m single because let’s face it Nicole, men have too many options. Because of that, they have trouble committing. It appears no one really WANTS a committed relationship anymore. Monogamy and longevity in relationships died in the sixties. I want something real, something steadfast, something everlasting. Until my forever finds me, I’m on the couch with my girl’s chit chatting it up about this single life!

I hear you Chanel! I guess we will continue to play this game we call dating until we find that “forever”. For me, I haven’t found anyone to keep my attention. I need mental stimulation, a conversation of substance. I don’t want to talk about how much money you have or what material things you own. Instead, what do you do for a living? What are your goals in life? Have you reached them yet? If not, what are you doing to make it happen? I’m attracted to ambition, drive and self-confidence, not flashy and arrogance. So fellas next time think about your conversation before approaching the next woman you have your eye on.

Exactly! Tangible things change all the time. What is hot in the mall window today will be on the sale rack next year. The intangible is what matters most when selecting the person you intend to be with for the long haul. Mental stimulation is a must. What’s the saying, feed my mind and my body will subconsciously follow? It seems men, and even some women want to skip over the “getting to know you” phase and jump right in the bedroom. Mentally stimulating conversation is a rarity among the men I’ve dated but yet, I refuse to give up on my equal. He’s out there. And yours is too!

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