Go after your dreams. Positive visualization. The right connections. Using pictures of a lion to let them know you mean business. All is well, right? Not exactly. What is often missed or rarely discussed are the issues we face that bring us down. The underbelly of our lives that we like to hide. What happens when the dream job turns into nightly cold sweats? What happens when your spouse is angry with you because of the demands of the job? I don’t care how good the money is, the phrase “happy wife, happy life” exists for a reason.

5948609_GWhat do we do about these things? We workout, eat right, seek adventure, take on new hobbies and then some. Our busy lives become fuller because we need an outlet for the dark feelings we’ve become interned to. Texting while driving exists because there are very irresponsible people. This also exists because people have trouble disconnecting. The problem with disconnection is that it requires quiet. If a cellphone is disconnected, there’s no more talking.

(I could give you more examples, but I know you’re following!)

Quiet gives room to mental activity. Too much mental activity gives room to address all the voids we have. It reminds me of the episode on Seinfeld when Jerry and George needed to write the pilot for NBC. They had writer’s block and when it became too tough, they turned on the television to escape the show about nothing. The problem was, the work still remained when they finished avoiding it.

When things get tough, a common coping mechanism is to sigh. It’s an indicator that a lot is ahead and it’s intimidating. The sigh is our second wind, getting up from one knee, the “screw it” moment before walking on stage or jumping from the plane when skydiving. In my work travels I’ve seen people respond great and poorly to this. I played on the saying “the high life” because it’s the antithesis of “the sigh life”. The latter is what comes of settling. The former is what comes when you do not. I could go on, but I have a feeling that this has generated questions within that have caused you to shift in your seat.

The only way we ever move is if we’re first uncomfortable.

So I ask you, if you’re not living the high life, what do you need to do to begin living?

A better question is, do you even know?

I want to see you win.

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Jay Jones