Hey ladies, have a seat and let’s talk about a ‘Single Woman’s Intuition.’ As you already may know intuition is that thing that one knows, or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning. But intuition is not just a “feeling,” is it?

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Well, recently I discovered that there are many scientific studies that prove one’s intuition causes physical happenings within the body. Like those feeling of butterflies you get in the pit of your stomach, and now we can prove that isn’t just a cute word. There are neurotransmitters that begin to fire off when your body “senses” potential danger. It’s like our own personal built in alarm system.

Now, have you ever been on the freeway and decided to get off the exit before because “you had a feeling?” Then later you find out there was a major accident on the highway? Or, have you ever made a decision not to go somewhere and discovered something bad happened? Weren’t you glad you listened to your intuition in these situations?

We as human beings are brilliantly crafted to sense potential danger without any tangible danger being present, we also know it as sixth sense. In today’s society, we are a little disconnected from the power of our brains; without question it is due to technological advancements, which causing a separation of our natural abilities…..but……that’s an entirely different article. J Moving on……………..

A woman’s intuition as it relates to  her children, her mate, and the individuals she encounters professionally, and personally can be extremely beneficial to the advancement, or lack thereof, in her life. I’m sure there have been times in everyone’s life where your inner voice told you “No sweetheart….don’t go there.” Often we listen, but sometimes we don’t. I’ll share an example of a time I did not listen to that quiet little voice on the inside of my belly and the repercussions that followed.

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There was an attractive guy pursuing me online. We knew a lot of the same people, both professionally and from childhood…..ran in many of the same circles. After I accepted his friend request I began to watch his behavior online. I am always up for a good debate, but there were consistent arguments online…some healthy, some not-so-much.  I could tell this guy loved to debate and his “daily post rate” clearly kept his fingers busy depending on the topic.

Also, I noticed this person had a very large internet following….in the thousands. I’ve always shied away from popular internet people. Why? The internet has a tendency to invite all types of trouble into your life if, you let it, but it also gives a person a false sense of fame. Not to mention, I heard it through the “grapevine” this guy had a bit of a troubled past with women, his parents, the law, and his career. So, I decided not to continue the online friendship. Way too many red flags were popping up, and my gut told me this guy is trouble!

A couple of months later, I get an inbox from said individual wondering “What happened?” I knew why I deleted him in the first place; BUT I listened to him explain it all anyway. Honestly I believe, looking back, that it was the allure of going against what my body, mind, and spirit said was “safe” that got me so  attracted to this bad news bear.

Indeed, he advised that what I heard and observed was true; but, he was a “changed man” looking to settle in the next two years. He invited me to his church and I instantly fell for him. Immediately, I began catering to him: breakfast in bed, resume reformatting, business letter designs for his company, and yes – even giving him money.

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Not going overboard with the details of this very short lived situation- ship. This man knew exactly what I heard and observed from the beginning. The ship began to sink fast, and he became very mean in his speech towards me, mentally abusive, unsupportive, argumentative, had a sense of entitlement, extremely unappreciative, and consistently attempted to dismantle or degrade any progress I made in my life. The excuses I made for everything array (impressive displays) in his life; because, he presented himself in church clothes from the start.

Of course, I wanted to help him get better but at what cost? In reality…..I was crying almost every day, and I was so angry with him. But why? How could I be angry with HIM? Did he tell me those things were true?

No – I didn’t want to listen to my intuition….didn’t my spirit, didn’t my friends, didn’t the universe tell me not to entertain this? You see, we often put ourselves in situations such as these because we ignore the warnings, and then we cry about the outcome. I’ll be the first to admit that it is up to us to learn discernment, to learn how to tune in to our spirit-man. It’s almost a catch 22 because in order for you to learn it, you must ignore it a few times to pick up when it whispers oh so softly in your ear the next time.

At the end of the day, being single and dating is a whirlwind adventure. An exciting time in life J You will encounter different types of personalities, economic backgrounds, and temperaments. It’s about finding balance. Some people provide emotional balance, some provide spiritual balance, some provide financial balance, or sexual balance etc.  It is rare to find one person who provides balance in all areas and sometimes we hold on to a person because they balance in one or more of our “top fives”.

Interdependence should be the agreed upon goal and if worked on together, it can definitely be accomplished. Never ignore your Single Women’s Intuition, remember be good to each other! Till next time #ThingsIveLearned




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