People can be a joy to be around. People can be a pain to be around. People can make you laugh, but they can also make you cry. They can give comfort, or they can evoke feelings of hate, or distain. What I do know is that people are people, and it is more important for YOU to know who you are then to try to change other people. Throughout our lives we have seen how people behave; which I might add, should be no surprise seeing that we at one point have acted in the same manner. Maybe not to the degree of others, but we all get irritated, we all get cranky, fussy, or angry. However, what separates us in the personality department is how we are going to respond in any given situation we are faced with. For example, I recently had an explosive event occur in my life, whereby a relative decided to betray my confidence. Was I mad – yes! But more than being mad, I was hurt, and could not understand why this person felt the need to throw shade. After turning the event over in my mind I decided to stop with all the non-sense. It was not a surprise that the person turned on me, how could it be when I had seen them do it to other family members? So, I decided to build a bridge and got over it – quickly!


Life-Balance 1Understanding that there has to be a certain point in life when we determine how to balance your life with the people that are in your life. Life is short and it should be worth living. Therefore, when examining the people in my life (family, friends, work, church, or being in a relationship) I have decided to make some life resolutions to ensure I maintain my happiness. Three things that I know for sure when it comes to people: 1.) you cannot change people, 2.) I have learned that you cannot make others behave in an acceptable manner, 3.) and lastly, I will be the ONLY person to command my ship. When it comes to people, they must make have an inner firmness if they decide to make a change – it is not up to you. Next, in order for that change to happen they must be willing to acknowledge within themselves that something is wrong. Finally they have to take the needed steps to modify the behavior. Secondly, we are all created with self-will, and that means each person is responsible for their own behavior. This is difficult to accept because as a parent we can, and will often feel guilty if our children chose the wrong path in life. However, if I have given my children every tool to be successful; then how am I the parent, at fault when/if they decide they want to live a life of depravity? Finally, the last step has to be applied: I choose not to be swayed from my path in life by the behaviors, or actions, words, or deeds of others. In that respect, if you feel the need to talk to me in an unkind manner, or if you choose not to speak at all – why should it change my outlook on life? How people behave will not stop me from expressing myself to others in a kind manner; it’s like the saying, “One monkey won’t stop this show!” Resolved, I am resolved to have the best this life can offer. That will only come when I am giving all I that I have, to be all that God created me to be, regardless of how poor others treat me. Expressing to myself to the fullest of my capabilities and giving voice to my unique personality – I have had enough with bad times caused by negative people. My life will revolve around what I want to see: joy, peace, love, and most of all spending time with my loved ones. Determine to Increase YoUR Women, by not allowing outside influences to push out the peacefulness of your heart!

Tonya Montgomery ~ Increase YoUr Woman

Tonya Montgomery ~ Increase YoUr Woman

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Tonya J. Montgomery

Tonya J. Montgomery