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sara king pic 2It was two years ago when Sara King was at a friend’s house, applying her makeup, when her friend gave her the idea to start her own line of cosmetics products. For years most of Sara’s clients had a desire to apply their makeup in the luxury of their own home; especially, when making an appointment with Sara was not an option. Sara would compile individual lists, but a lot of the time was spent searching for items that they were unable to find. Voila, creation of Sara King Cosmetics! Sara King is not stopping with cosmetics; she also has a vision of expanding her brand to include a skin care line. Additionally, Sara is extremely busy working on upcoming books and designing fashion. Recently Sara sat down in an exclusive interview with Black Wall Street Magazine (BWS) to share a bit of her journey.


sara king 6BWS: What sparked your love for makeup?
SK: When I was 13 years old I began wearing makeup, and by the 10th grade, I had started doing other people’s makeup. I thought it was really fun to play with eye lines and eye makeup and use my moms “red lipstick”. I started looking at magazines becoming really involved and passionate about makeup. What I found is that I am happy and at peace when I’m doing makeup.

BWS: What is a Sara King experience like?
SK: I want you to feel my grandmothers’ spirit, a matriarch 90 years old and full of wisdom. Grandmother has 33 Great Grandchildren of which I am the oldest. So, when you have a Sara King experience you get a lot more than makeup. You’ll get conversations that are full of wisdom, and each person I talk to I leave them each with Golden nuggets to enhance their lives. I do it mainly so they can grow and to take them to the next level in life.

sara king 5

Sara King and husband Michael King

BWS: If you have a change to B.E.A.T. a celebrities face who would be your top 3 celebrities?
SK: Halle Berry who is known worldwide, Beyoncé who has beautiful skin, and Oprah a matriarch – all of these women are beautiful!

BWS: What advice would you give aspiring Make-Up Artists?
SK: Go out and research. Find out what kind of product you want to give to people. Do not be driven by money! Have a passion to help people and to save the world. Don’t do it to become rich start a business to enrich lives.

BWS: Anything else that you want the world to know about you personally or your brand?
SK: My brand started when my grandmother was still alive back in 2000. I did not understand at the time but she would always tell me that I had time to start my business. At first, I wanted to rush to get things done; however, she would repeat to me, that she taught me better and that she was not afraid to die. In those words I determined that I should not be afraid to live. That is what I want people to know about me, I am not afraid to live so I want to do as much as I can in life.


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