tonya 4Happy birthday to me! In the beginning we loved to have a birthday. Why? Because it often meant a party and sweet delicious cake. Not only that, but remember the joy we had telling people that today’s my birthday! My oh my, how times have changed. Once we reach that magically age of 29 – we hardly want to let anyone know we are turning the Big 30. Wow, a third decade, but why should you be ashamed at aging?

tonya 2In this life we travel on various paths. Some of these paths have been positive, some negative, some devastating, and some we wish we could take back and not remember. Regardless, if you have parents, family, children, or friends to celebrate your entrance into the world, these is still a momentous days. So, why not take the time out to celebrate you? Or, throw yourself a party! Do something good for you, go shopping, get a facial, or take a trip. Listen you have defied all odds, and you are still standing. BE Happy!

In case you did not know, everyone has gone through some painful, difficult moments in life. Yes, people will and can can throw shade on our parade. But, I ask you, how many times have you picked yourself up, and dusted yourself off, and kept moving forward? We all should come to a point in life where we celebrate who we are: JUST BECAUSE WE EXIST!

Along the way we have lost loved ones, have been unfriended, unvalued, and underappreciated by people. However, each season of our lives should be celebrated, and I am not just talking about some new age thinking. YOU are a gift to the world, and you cannot tell me that along the way in your life’s experiences, that no one has stopped to tell you something good, or something positive about yourself that lets let you know how special you are.

tonya 3Think if over! Teachers, children, strangers, or even a family pet has had to show you some affection. The world would not be the same without you. Yes, I am going to say it, “You are meant to be alive in this year, at this time.” Even if you never figure out your purpose for living: YOU have value, YOU are a gift, YOU are valued, and YOU belong! Many times we can only see the bad – but there is goodness in being able to wake up in the land of the living to celebrate another day. Be thankful that you have You!

I encourage you to celebrate each birthday by telling yourself how special you are and how valued you are to be alive. Then do not stop there – get out and do something special for yourself. What have you desired to do, and have not got up the gumption to do? Take an art class, go to a movie and eat popcorn to you burst. What tickles your fancy? A hike in the woods, a dance class, no matter what – it is time you stop waiting for the world to acknowledge you. Value comes from within, so when your birthday comes around again next year don’t forget to Increase YoUR Woman and rejoice in your birthday. #Happy Birthday to Me!

Tonya Montgomery ~ Increase YoUr Woman

Tonya Montgomery ~ Increase YoUr Woman

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  1. Nicole Williams
    December 7, 2015 at 2:24 am

    You are an amazing writer and I truly enjoy your articles. I would like to begin blogging or column writing but I don’t know where to begin. I have an idea “Internet research” but then I freeze up or stop. Hope one day soon I’ll be writing along with you.

    Thanks a bunch💪

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Tonya J. Montgomery

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