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Lakia Brandenburg ~ The WifeStyle Coach B. Alyssa Trofort Photography

Lakia Brandenburg ~ The WifeStyle Coach
B. Alyssa Trofort Photography

“All married women aren’t wives.”  says Lakia “LB” Brandenburg, The WifeStyle Coach.  As a WifeStyle coach, Lakia empowers, educates, and prepares women both before and after they say, “I Do.” What is a WifeStyle Coach, you ask? Well, someone who is  fiercely committed to guiding women (who are married or planning-to-be) to know the difference between being a married woman and being a dynamic wife. Lakias passion is to inspire them to create a happy marriage and sustain a loving relationship with their husbands through interactive workshops and seminars, one-on-one and group coaching. We reached out to Lakia to find out how she got started and how her services can be requested.

BWS: Lakia, how did you get started and why?

Lakia: Before I started my journey into entrepreneurship, I was a middle school classroom teacher. I had a “safe” career that I was extremely good at, but found myself still unfulfilled. I knew there was more and was ready to discover my purpose. After creating a vision board which inspired me to write and self-publish my first book, “He’s not perfect. I’m not perfect. But together we’re … Picture Perfect,” I had lakiaunknowingly created a platform for me to teach single and married women how to be the wife that they desired to be and create the marriage that they always wanted.

BWS: How exciting! How can someone connect with you to request your services?

Lakia: I invite you to visit my site, to learn more about how I’m making husbands happy, one wife at a time, and how I’m showing wives how to create their vision of love. Picture Perfect and The Tiara: 5 Ways to Reign as Queen of Your Castle are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

BWS: Great! For all of the aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs what piece of advice would you pass on?

Lakia: Nicole, I could write a book on the things I’ve learned over the years when it comes to being a business woman and what’s beautiful is that I’m still learning. Here are a few gems that I’ve picked up on my journey to “happily ever after” in my business:

1. Become a lifelong-learner. Be committed to forever learning your craft and industry. Learn who you are and who you are becoming in the process. Discover new ways to think and achieve new goals. Your growth will be the best part of your journey.

2. Define your why. Get real with yourself and ask why do you want to start a business? What services are you providing to the world and why is it so valuable? Your why is what will drive your passion and purpose on a daily basis.

3. Create a Vision. Vision boards are absolutely amazing tools to help you see the bigger picture for your life and business. They act as physical representations of how you see your dreams, goals, and desires. Create a vision board for your business with quotes and affirmations; images of patrons receiving your service or buying your products, and pictures of wealth. You should even include a mission and vision statement to “frame” your board.

4. Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan.With your vision in sight, create your first 5-10 steps to making your business a reality and commit to putting actions behind your plan. Also, remember you’re a lifelong learner. Seek guidance from someone who is thriving in your industry and getting the results you want.

5. Trust the Process.The best advice that my husband has given me on this journey is that it takes 15 years to become an overnight success story. Keep in mind that you’re building a business (brick by brick) and it will take time for you to see the fruits of your labor. However, learn to embrace the journey (and the small victories on the way) and keep your eyes on the destination.



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