waterMany times we think negatively about the saying “What’s done in the dark comes to light.” However, there are some powerful positive results you can achieve during the dark months of winter when it comes to skin and hair care. More than half of the population makes New Year Resolutions; however, I believe it is better to make lifestyle adjustments. For example, hydrating the skin comes from eating a balanced meals, and proper intake of water. Just because it is cold outside, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT stop drinking water. Water flushes impurities and removes toxins from the body. The flushing with water keeps the body’s tissues moist, and with less clogging it helps keep pimples away. Comfort foods in the winter may go up, but you still must get in 5-8 servings of fruits and vegetables.


c5d79ff8310864a63d011cd00a704e53If you are in the habit of getting facials, keep going, the skin requires more care in the dark night of winter to replace the lack of sun the skin receives. Dry hands, buy several tubes of lotion (travel size: for the purse, work station, car (which stays in the car), by the kitchen sink, and in highly used areas of the home).  Use moisturizing lotions for the face, and after bathing to reduce dry skin and cracking.  In the winter months I have two problem areas, dry, peeling skin on my nose, and splitting cuticles. My cure all is a .99¢ stick of cocoa butter, when I don’t have time to get my facial or apply cuticle oil.  Smooth silky skin comes from great care all year round, but even on a budget, there are cost cutting ways to keep the skin smooth: old school baby oil in the bath, bath salts, and petroleum jelly.  Petroleum jelly, actually locks in moisture, so putting it on the feet (overnight) with a pair of sock, also keeps the feet smooth.


Oil-Your-CuticlesIf you are like me working in a hospital setting, you can wash your hands up to 15 times during day while at work. This causes me to buy cuticle oil for the winter months, to replace the nature oil I wash away. Foot care, just because you wear boots and socks, continue with the pedicures. Loofahs, hand mitts, back scrubbers, and pumice stones should be a must in any bathroom to keep away dry, cracking skin. Soaking the body in a bath is more beneficial in the winter months then taking showers every day. Do not be negligent with winter skin or hair care, along with being in the gym, if you stick with these extra measures of grooming in the dark, by the time light of spring arrives you’ll be as healthy on the outside, as you are on the outside. See what’s done in the dark is not always bad; it just depends on what results you want out of life.  Stay true to you and Increase Your Women, by increasing your skin care hydration and moisturizing.

Tonya Montgomery ~ Increase YoUr Woman

Tonya Montgomery ~ Increase YoUr Woman

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Tonya J. Montgomery

Tonya J. Montgomery