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Educated Girls Rock (EGR) is a community; educational mentorship program that is located in Alpharetta, GA. EGR was created to elevate the central focal point of young women being educated to keep their eyes on the prize of graduation. Through empowerment, mentorship, knowledge, and resources EGR has pledged to empower, motivate, and inspire young women in helping them to understand the value of a woman in society that has obtained a high school diploma.

Nisha 4Tauntanisha “Nish” Glenn is founder of Educated Girls Rock and graduated from Roosevelt High School, in Saint Louis, Mo. Later Ms. Glenn attended Fontbonne University, where she attained a Bachelor in Business Administration, as well as, recently completing her Master’s degree in Education at Argosy University. Ms. Glenn reported, “I see my organization as an outlet to helping young women reach their highest potential.” When asked about the EGR logo, Ms. Glenn pointed out that it was no surprise the logo is actually the infamous “Graduation Cap.”

The cap symbolizes an accomplishment that Ms. Glenn believes every girl should experience. “Walking across the stage in their cap and gown brings dignity to each person as they cross the finish line of successful educational career.” The EGR founder also believes pouring fun into the mentorship program, along with some of the hobbies she enjoys: dancing, skating, and writing (typing).

With her passion for meeting new people and her desire to help others Ms. Glenn knows that this recipe has made all the difference in her approach to this programs continued success. “I think that we are all different, and I love learning things from others. That is one of the qualities that make me, Me! With my huge personality, I love having fun and bringing a sense of humor to all that I do.” Further Ms. Glenn says, “I also believe in giving everyone a chance, no matter the situation.”

Educated Girls Rock (EGR) believes that EVERY girl should have, and complete their educational endeavors. EGR is not only committed to the young women individually, but also vested in helping their communities as well. As a non- profit organization EGR is designed to promote the betterment of education to girls, young women, and women of various backgrounds. This is regardless of ethnicities, EGR wants to encourage women that success can be found in high school, college, career, and beyond.


College tour 2016

College tour 2016

EGR is separated from other organizations due to Ms. Glenn’s love of graduations, and her desire to have a continuous feeling of the accomplishment for her ladies to be able to say “I DID IT!” Ms. Glenn remarked, “When I see these young women, walking across a stage to receive a certificate, diploma, degree, etc. I know the hard work, the perseverance, and the determination behind the achieved goal. That is why I am here, to empower girls, young women! Women of all ages for that matter, letting them know the importance of education, and how that education opens many doors both personally and professionally.”


EGR held its launch party July 2014, a day that officially marked Ms. Glenn’s culmination of educational success, the desire to help other women complete graduation had come true. Additionally, this historic day is one of the most memorable moments for Educated Girls Rocks founder, and it still resonates with her due to all the hard work and dedication put into fulfilling the mission to see our communities flooded with educated women. With these major milestones in place, Ms. Glenn’s organization had a tangible feel of love and support from their community, and since they have support in “many unimaginably ways” the good news has spread over social media.


Nisha 2In word of mouth and online streaming, EGR has had a positive effect on each life touched and it is heralding the mission of EGR to produce successful contributors of society. As an African American woman in business this does not limit her programs outreach to those of her ethnic background. Educated Girls Rock is centered on catering to a diverse scale, and it is EGRs belief that there are many women faced with the same struggle of fighting for equality.


EGR believes that in every culture and race there is an “Educated Girl That Rocks.” When visiting the website, Ms. Glenn’s excitement becomes visible in her quest that every girl sees themselves in a cap and gown. During her three graduations, Ms. Glenn recalls the wonder, excitement, and the pride her family and friends radiated from their faces at her accomplishments. EGR believes everyone should have the feeling of, “I am capable of being educated!”


Part of EGR’s pledge states: I am Capable of being Educated! I am Excited about learning! I am Committed to Excellence! I am an Educated Girls that Rocks!


Ms. Glenn similarly listed several important reasons why education completion is needed:

  1. Everybody likes a person that believes in education, and they receive more respect in society.
  2. It teaches us about the world in which we live.
  3. Without an education, there is no relevancy in which you cannot contribute.
  4. Knowledge is Power and it allows for an expression of independence.
  5. Education allows you to think on your own,
  6. Makes you wiser.
Nisha Glenn ~ Founder of Educated Girls Rock

Nisha Glenn ~ Founder of Educated Girls Rock

In her own words Ms. Glenn says, “I love being considered street smart and book smart. Hint. Hint.” The role of women in today’s society is increasingly becoming more relevant and positive. “Women can also find success without having a large educational background.” However, she goes on to explain that it really depends on the each individual woman’s goals, and what they want to accomplish in life. “Many women I know,” she begins, “are successful with a small educational resume. However, I tell everyone that it is my personal preference to have some credentials; because, women are faced with proving themselves on every scale that they can be just as successful as men in today’s society.”

Looking toward the future, Ms. Glenn’s vision is to see Educated Girls Rock on the global scale, and working with international organizations touching students all over the world. With a projected amount of followers for this organization, Ms. Glenn plans to give each young woman a better understanding of how capable they are of being educated. Another aim for EGR is to roll out an accessory line, and a school supply line, while becoming recognized as an influential organization to all that desire, or want to pursue their educational goals.




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