What-Other-People-Think-of-you-is-noneIn my inaugural article with Black Wall Street Magazine, I wrote about Emotional Intelligence (EI) and how to mature in the emotional development department. If we want to truly succeed in this life, we have to “Stop Worrying about What Others Think.” One of my favorite songs to this day is Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All,” in which I recommend everyone listen to the lyrics of this song.

The song starts with the value of children and how much they mean to the future success of our world. As she continues, she admonishes her listeners to teach the children about their potential and the beauty they have to impact the globe.  By far the biggest question I have is why don’t we have a great love for ‘self.’ To many times I have heard how people define themselves based on what other think, or to make matters worse, what they have experienced at the hands of others.

So what if you have a big nose, a flat butt, to thin, too fat, ugly or beautiful. Who cares if someone else doesn’t think you can succeed, do you think you can do it? Do it then, and stop worrying about others! Many dreams have died on the vine, because we refuse to think highly of our own thoughts, emotions, looks, and actions. Make candles if you want too, write if you want too, open a business if you want, but most of all LOVE WHO YOU ARE because are supposed to.

who are theyFor me I wondered who ‘they’ are: they who? They don’t know me; they don’t know what I know, they can’t do what I do; why should I let them affect my future. Discouragement, rejection, fears, distain will come to everyone; but, you have to talk to yourself and know that you are above ‘they.’ They can watch you fail or succeed. They can talk good or bad on who you are, they can reject you, yes they can. But you can accept you, you can love you, you can make it without ‘they.’

They cannot stop you if you do not allow them to stop you. Get up and try again. Challenge yourself; I dare you to care more about what you think of yourself than what ‘they’ think. Allow yourself the courage to breathe, and move again; because, is how you Increase Your Woman.

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Tonya J. Montgomery

Tonya J. Montgomery