victories-are-won-while-on-your-knees-keep-praying-for-those-who-rise-up-against-you-fear-not-the-lord-has-rectified-the-problem-prayer-is-powerfulI define hate as the absence of human empathy. In the United States that hate is being motivated by racism in the streets, on the job, in the school system, by our co-workers, neighbors, activist groups, political leaders, and most of all unjust policemen. Yes, I have four adult children two are black men. Above that, I also have many other black male relatives but I do not fear for their lives as some might think. Please excuse me, but do not be surprised by my next statement. Every day I pray over my family by applying the Blood of Jesus to them for safety, protection and favor. You see, I understand that an unseen enemy prompts the seen enemy in our world. Am I trying to be deep? Not at all, but I want you to see that we are fighting a battle without using the proper weapons of engagement. Sure we have seen video after video of how we are supposed to respond to a police if we are pulled over. Stay alert, be respectful, answer yes or no sir; all that goes into the mix when an apparent infraction, or unjust motive happens to someone when dealing with the police. Being black myself, I felt the same anger when my son was stopped for walking in the grass of a park, and was told to sit on the ground for jay walking. Huh? Why does he need to sit on the ground? Oh yes, I called the police myself and asked to speak with someone because I did not want this situation to get worse. However, as cool as a cucumber, my 15 year old (at the time) said, “Mom, chill out. It’s going to be okay.” He graciously sits on the ground, but he was also teaching me what I had taught him. What had I forgotten? Just that very morning I prayed that the Blood of Jesus be applied to me, my children, my family and relatives for safety, protection and favor. God kept us both safe, because hate motivated by racism can cause people to lose their minds in high tension situations. Even if we are following the law, there may be a cop that chooses not to follow his sworn oath to protect and serve; but, we can avoid the same hate and fear tied to racism by consistently praying for our families and ourselves on a daily basis. It is unfair that we have to teach our children a different way of living in the United States; but, it is important that we teach our families how to properly address those in authority regardless of how much money we have or don’t have. Not because they are subservient, but to help them to live to see another moment on the earth. Take time to educate your family on the power of prayer and how Jesus will protect them in dangerous situations, and also how to listen to that inner voice of peace to avoid being placed in these scenarios. Another thing to communicate to your children is how to address the police – if they tell them to do to something – they should do it quickly. However, they should keep praying for God’s help so they will live to see another day. We have to be armed with more than just words, go beyond hate and racism – we need prayer in order to Increase YoUR Woman!

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Tonya J. Montgomery

Tonya J. Montgomery