We all know the story; we begin a project but never fully complete what was started. At the beginning of each project, we are charged with energy, and pumped to see the end result. However, once the initial excitement has worn off, there are many excuses why we choose not to complete what we set out to accomplish. As we look around and see the unfinished dress… that simply needs the hem completed; the book we wanted to write last year …. sitting on the coffee table gathering dust with only three chapters complete; or the work out goals diminished we wonder, “where has our motivation gone?”

its-not-what-we-do-once-in-a-while-that-shapes-our-lives-its-what-we-do-consistentlyGreatness is determined by what we consistently act upon; therefore, if you want to be a seamstress then growing your customer base through quality work must be continuous. If you are a barber, then cutting hair with precision has to be a must if you want to be the best in your region. Weight loss, changing a diet, raising educated children, running a business, or learning to ball room dance is going to take a solid commitment from you in order to be completed. It is easy in our society to appreciate the efforts of others, and what they have accomplished in their lives.

How do you, ‘Finish what you have started?’ There is no easy formula; it is going to take hard work and commitment. In the mean while ask yourself some questions:

  • Did you give up too soon?
  • What is distracting you from your goals?
  • What is it that you want to accomplish?
  • Why are you stopping?
  • Are you afraid of success?

Often time’s people give up way too soon in the process. Everything will not come as quickly as we would like, that is why pursuing our dreams takes patience. Pesky, bothersome distractions are another thing that can keep you from completing your goals. Whether it is people, time management, or other cares that try to crowd out your pursuit of happiness; you have to be willing to take control of your life and tell everything/one that is trying to stop you, “Not today, not in this moment, and this is not the time.”

successSuccess is in your hands, follow your plans. Wavering to the right or left is a sign that you may not be as committed to the course as you originally thought. Stop and refocus, put reminders on your calendar, so they can pop up every two or three days. Whatever it takes, you have to form a system to help you remember why you started down (whatever) course of action in the first place. Remember you wanted to be your own boss, so you decided to open your own business. Or how you want to design clothes because you love fabric. It’s like the young man in the movie of Coach Carter, he pointed out that we are afraid of ourselves; because, we know deep down we will be a success. No matter the cost, if you have to stand alone, the way to Increase YoUR Woman is by doing whatever it takes to finish what you start by remaining committed!

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Tonya J. Montgomery

Tonya J. Montgomery